mrsp_smSandra M. Paquette
Special Education Advocate, Consultant

“Having spent close to forty years involved with educating children requiring interventions for academic and cognitive weaknesses, communication deficits, and emotional and social needs, I am now able to offer my skills and experience to assist parents, teaching professionals and administrators.”

“Through the development and effective implementation of a thorough, comprehensive IEP (Individual Education Plan), the full spectrum of a child’s needs can be met, and legally ensured. It is my desire to offer personal involvement and participation with parents in the process of referral, evaluation, eligibility determination, and planning.”

“My experience also includes seven years of special education administrative responsibilities, during which it has been essential for me to acquire a close familiarity with the rules, regulations and laws (both State and Federal) pertaining to providing the most effective instruction to all children, in order that each child may achieve to his optimum ability.”